Harmonized Curriculum

We know that each learner embraces a different learning methodology. A good curriculum reflects the needs of an individual learner. Our curriculum is in proper shape in order to meet the challenges of time and make education more responsive to the learners we serve.

The curriculum is designed to ensure the all-round development of each learner. A child-centric approach is utilized that promotes structured play, practical applications of knowledge and skills and educational school trips which stresses the importance of experimenting and experiencing in order to develop the total personality.

Teachers are trained to create and use programs that make learning a blissful and hassle-free experience for their learners. Emphasis is on helping learners develop a growing enthusiasm towards learning, and a healthy drive to excel and achieve.

For the Primary years a harmonized curriculum is followed based on the integration of various national & international educational boards.

This comprehensive curriculum has a clear framework of aims and values with major objective being "global mindedness".

The focus is entirely on " LEARNING THAT MATTERS"

We intend to offer a fertile combination of activities to enrich our learners. We wish to enable them to be equally capable of exploring their logic and creativity.

All activities academic and co-curricular are designed to help them activate their mind and widen their horizons.

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