Learners progress is assessed on an on-going basis and frequent feedback is given to them.

We believe that the purpose of assessment is to promote learning. A robust system of assessment is relevant and accurate, ongoing, informative and timely, and understandable to all. Multiple forms of assessment are used to allow learners to demonstrate their understanding; formative assessments are used to guide instruct and help the learner in goal-setting throughout the learning process while summative assessments summarize the mastery of content, knowledge or skills at a particular point in time.





Multiple forms of assessment are used to allow students to demonstrate their understanding in various ways.

Formative assessments are used to monitor the learning process to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching teachers to modify their instruction based on information gained through the assessments and provide immediate corrective and enrichment activities as appropriate and by the learners to improve their learning and performance

Summative assessments are used to evaluate the learning process, skill acquisition, and academic achievement of the learner at the conclusion of a defined instructional program wherein the evaluation criteria are made explicit to students as developmentally appropriate.

Classroom instructional activities are all designed to engage learners in building knowledge and skills and to acquire understanding of the concept. Activities are discerned to meet the needs of diverse learners.





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