Our emphasis in Playschool is learning through play and exploration and our playschool is one big, bright classroom filled with books, puppet theatre and building blocks and also has dedicated play space, to stimulate our youngest members of the school in every way possible.

Within the classroom we also have a wealth of art and craft materials.

We make sure the first transition of the child from home to group involvement is not only smooth and fun-filled but also informative and enlightening .


At this tender age, we start to mold the group into finest learners and work on activating their minds. Our pre-primary program helps us to focus on comprehension, narrative and auditory-processing skills. It also focuses on concepts and social skills and the expressive and receptive language that accompany these areas. Our Early years have a key role in preparing children for school.

The children are encouraged to see themselves as part of the wider school community. Thus they see transition to primary as a natural progression and gain a gradual exposure to school and its routines.

In Nursery the emphasis is on learning through play and exploration, with a carefully planned program of structured, teacher-led activities. The outcome of learning is the development of language both for learning and for social skills.

There are three specific areas that are focused upon:

Communication and Language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development



In Kindergarten children are exposed to a more formal learning environment. Our objective here is Effective & Active Learning.

There are four specific areas that are strengthened and applied:

Understanding the world around us
Expressive art & craft

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